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Is using a sauna good for your health? (Is taking a sauna good for your health?)
Using a sauna is not only safe, it is also very good for your health. But this doesn't count modern style saunas with metal stoves. In our opinion, these are harmful. Only a traditional masonry stove delivers the benefits of a real sauna.
Is it ok to use a sauna every day? (Is it safe to use the sauna everyday?)
In countries with a strong tradition of sauna use, people do exactly that - they use the sauna on a daily basis. But we would like to emphasise that daily use of a sauna is only safe if the sauna is installed with a classic masonry stove. Nothing good at all will come from using a modern style, compact metal bucket 'with rocks'. Take care of yourself.
Are compact, home saunas good for your health? (Are home saunas good for my health?)
No, They have a terrible effect on your health. We are profoundly convinced that compact, home saunas are really bad for your health. We put a lot of time and effort into studying the harmful effects in terms of microclimates and came to the unambiguous, worrying conclusions shared on our Sauna Stoves for the Home page. Only a traditional masonry sauna stove delivers the health benefits the sauna promises.
Why does my breathing feel so heavy in the sauna? (Why do my lungs feel heavy when using a sauna?)
This is not unusual. The climatic conditions in some saunas that are fitted with a heater that is basically a metal bucket ‘with rocks’ are similar to those of a hot hazardous production environment: hot draft, parching metal heat, and heavy steam. One's breathing is naturally heavy, in addition to which, there's a risk of skin burns, inflammation of the respiratory tract and headaches. Give up on this terrible sauna. Visit a Russian sauna instead. Read more about our microclimate research on the 'Sauna Stoves for the Home' page.
At what age can children start using a sauna?
From an early age, but exercising caution: a gentle temperature (up to 60° c); start with one short visit to the steam room, avoid the procedure of pouring cold water over your child after the steam session. Observe your child's condition carefully. Consult your paediatrician. For more details see our article 'Children and the Sauna'.
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