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Can you incorporate a baking oven into the stove unit design?
A baking oven is a standard element of the stove unit. Usually, if a Russian stove is included as part of the unit, then a conventional baking oven wouldn’t be needed as it would only duplicate the existing functionality.
Will there be enough air for a stove unit if the gazebo is an enclosed space?
That's a good question. No, there won't be. Our units are constructed in such a way that they draw additional air flow in certain directions.
Where does the smoke from the smoker and cooking pot go?

A stove unit can have several chimneys. To avoid interference between culinary components, every stove has its own chimney aside from the fire chamber, the mangal and the tandoor which use the same chimney flue.

Can the worktop be made of brick and then given a different finish?
We can create a beautiful finish on a brick surface in areas where there are fairly minor temperature fluctuations. Call us to discuss the details with one of our designers.
Can I have a fireplace in the stove unit?
Yes. The fireplace is as integral a component of the stove unit as the baking chamber of the Russian stove. Aside from the fireplace, you can also enjoy watching the flames in the baking chamber of the Russian stove, the grill, barbecue, and the fire box of the range top.
What should I start with, the barbecue stove or the gazebo?

The gazebo, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the stove whilst the gazebo is being built. Also, given that the stove unit is designed to fit the measurements of the surrounding space, it would be logical to start by building the gazebo.

What’s better, a pizza oven or a Russian stove?
A Russian stove has a wider range of culinary functions in comparison to the Pompeian oven (pizza oven) as it offers stewing, simmering and baking modes too.
Can I use an outdoor stove in winter?
Typical stoves don't allow for the luxury of winter use, however, due to their special design elements, our stove units are totally multi-seasonal and resistant to sudden changes in outdoor temperature. The stove unit can be heated up in freezing temperatures without the risk of damage. Call us for a consultation with one of our engineers.
What does a stove unit consist of?
A stove unit is basically a kit, so you can choose exactly which components to include in the unit depending on your culinary preference. You can choose components from the baking chamber of a traditional Russian stove, grill, tandoor, smoker, baking oven, fireplace and sleeping ledge. For a full description of our cooking stove unit components, see our Stove-grill Unit page.
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