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What are the costs of running a commercial sauna stove?
To heat up one of our commercial, electric-fuelled sauna stoves, you will need about 100-150 kW of power in a steam room with a floor area of approximately 30 m2. One heating cycle is sufficient to guarantee 24 hours of steam in commercial mode. Wood or gas works out cheaper but is less convenient from the point of view of commercial operation.
How much can I expect to pay for my sauna per month? (How much can I expect to pay monthly for my sauna?)
To heat up one of our electric-fuelled stoves will take 100 kW of power. This kind of stove would suit a steam room with a floor area of 10 m2. One heating cycle will keep the sauna at the necessary temperature for 2 days in domestic mode and 1 day in commercial mode. A re-heat requires less than half the amount of electrical power. Using firewood or gas works out cheaper if you're not taking advantage of a night-time economy rate.
Should I have a drain installed in my sauna? (Does my sauna need to have a drain installed?)
You won’t need the use of a drain during a steam session but you might need one for cleaning purposes and of course, it is an essential element of the shower room.
What size stove do I need for my sauna? (What is the appropriate heater size for my sauna?)
For a steam room with a floor area of 10 m2, a typical stove would measure 1100 x 1100 x 2300 mm, where 2300 mm is the stove height. A more precise answer to this question can only be provided after carrying out a thermo-technical calculation of the steam room, taking into account a multitude of factors aside from the dimensions of the room.
Do your gas stoves only work with a gas mains supply?
Aside from the mains gas supply, our stoves will also work using a Gazgolder (a private tank of liquified gas) or a bundle of several cylinders.
What are the parameters of air exchange in a commercial sauna?
According to the Code of Regulations 'Heating, ventilation & air conditioning', the air exchange coefficient for a public sauna is currently 1. Our stoves are designed to ventilate the steam room with fresh, heated air continually. Call us to request a calculation of your steam room ventilation requirements.
Is it possible to position the chimney so that it doesn’t stand directly above the stove?
In some cases, yes, we will build chimneys that don't fit the standard configuration. Send us the drawings of your premises and our structural designer will propose a solution.
What type of foundation do you need to install a stove unit?
Our stove units create a floor load of 4 tons/m2. The structure of the foundation depends on all sorts of factors: soil composition, gradient, groundwaters, etc.
What's the ideal ceiling height in a steam room?
We recommend a ceiling height of 2.8m. Taking into account the process involved in creating light steam, the height of the ceiling in a steam room measuring 10 m2 should be at least 2.4m.
Can you build a stove in winter?
We build our stoves in conditions where there is a minimum temperature of 16°C and access to water and an electric supply. We fulfil the same number of orders in winter as we do in the warmer periods of the year. Plan the production timescale for your stove together with us and book in advance the period that suits you best.
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