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Do you ever offer discounts?
Commercial customers can count of preferential conditions when ordering more than one stove at the same time. And we have prepared special gifts for our private customers. For more details see our 'Prices' page.
Settlement procedure?
Payment for materials and labour can be made in stages as stipulated in the contract. Part of the overall cost is payable after the sale of goods contract has been signed.
Is there any way of optimising the costs?
The stove, stove lining and steam room finish can be created according to our 'Premium', 'Standard' and 'Economy' categories. Optimisation can amount to 20%. Call us for more detail.
Can I buy the materials for the stove myself?
From a technical point of view, this would be almost impossible. The purchasing sheet of an average stove consists of about 80 stock listed items, of which 20 customised items are produced specifically to our own technical requirements. We never add a surcharge to the cost of materials.
Can your estimates be easily verified?
Our estimates are totally transparent. The materials, labour and overhead costs are standard costs and listed in detail. We don't add any markup on materials and this too can be easily checked.
What are the costs based on?
The cost is based on materials, labour and overheads.
You can justify the superior quality of your stoves?
Our award-winning stoves have several unique functions; we use the highest quality materials available and they are exceptionally durable; we also provide demonstrations. Most importantly, however, are the types of people who have become our valued customers, amongst whom there are statesmen, business magnates as well as cultural and sporting celebrities. Our customers are people who live in a world of quality and understand quality like no-one else.
Does the price reflect quality?
Furnace Art Engineering produces 'DeLuxe' class sauna stoves. We place quality above all else. Our valued customers seek supreme quality and they find it in our products - technical perfection, unique functionality, exceptional design. The price is simply a consequence.
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