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Are the materials used in the stove and steam room eco-friendly?
Synthetic materials are totally eliminated from the stove lining and the steam room wooden finish and the materials we do use come with environmental certification. We also carry out our own safety tests to ensure that all the materials we use are eco-friendly. We have a huge responsibility towards our customers which we take extremely seriously.
Will I receive instructions on how to work the stove?
After the handover-acceptance of the stove, every customer receives an instruction manual on how to use the stove and a personal training session. We are always willing to answer any questions as they arise by phone and if necessary, in person.
What are the safety advantages of your stoves?
All stoves manufactured by Furnace Art Engineering are equipped with alarms and a temperature control unit. Gas stoves are fitted with a multi-stage safety device. Our electric-powered stoves are equipped with an electronic control panel. In addition, the heat up process and the steam session take place at different intervals, which also guarantees the safety of the sauna.
Is a gas-fuelled sauna stove safe?
The heating process and steam session take place at separate intervals. The gas burner is managed using an automatic control panel and is equipped with safety devices, a thermostat and a safety cut-out device. If the flame goes out, the gas supply valve is triggered. Certificates are issued both for the stove equipment and installation.
To what extent are your stoves earthquake-proof?
Our stoves can be designed taking into account possible seismic activity of up to 9 points on the Richter scale. Please include this request in the terms of reference (ToR).
What alarm system do you install?
Sauna stoves powered by gas or electricity are equipped with a sound alarm, which is installed into the electronic control panel. If the temperature in the steam room goes above the set point the alarm will sound. Call us for a consultation with one of our engineers.
What is the door to the steam room made of?
We usually install glass doors.
Do you comply with fire safety standards?
At Furnace Art Engineering we take safety very seriously and comply with current fire safety standards both during the design and assembly stages. The stove operation manual outlines additional requirements for safety compliance which should be followed by the stove owner. Take care of yourself.
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