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What's the best kind of floor for a sauna? (What kind of floor is best for a sauna?)
The steam room floor is given a tile surface and then covered with removable duckboard (slatted wooden flooring panels). This avoids the risk of a slippery floor surface and also makes the cleaning process easier.
Why do you recommend so many different types of wood for the interior finish? (Why are so many different wood choices recommended?)
This is to compliment the price range of our customers' budget. The best grades of wood are Obeche and Canadian red Cedar. Aspen and alder are less expensive but in many cases no less suitable.
How much does it cost to line the steam room with a wood finish?
In the commercial context, the wood finish of a steam room is replaced at least every 2 years but usually once a year. In a domestic context, the wood finish should be replaced roughly once every 5-8 years. We design the interior panels so that partial replacements can easily be made. Call us for a consultation with one of our engineers.
Why do you block out the space under the benches?
This is to deduct any unnecessary space from the overall volume of the steam room. Doing so minimises the pressure on the stove and extends its life cycle.
What determines the layout of the steam room?
The layout of the steam room depends on the floor area and operation mode, domestic or commercial. The stove can be positioned in a corner, in the middle of a wall, in a niche etc, and the benches can be arranged either in the form of a mezzanine floor or amphitheatre. There should be plenty of room to make it easy to throw water onto the stones to produce steam. Our structural designers will develop the optimal steam room layout, digital model and visualization for your steam room. Call us for more details.
Who do I contact to order the installation of the interior finish of a steam room?
We recommend ordering the wood finish for the steam room as a component of the 'turnkey' sauna. That way you'll save time and money and avoid any possible damage to the stove caused by inexperienced finishers. Contact Furnace Art Engineering for more information.
What is the best form of tile maintenance?
Usually, it is enough to wipe tiles with a damp sponge without needing any chemical detergents. Tougher marks can be removed using gentle, non-abrasive tile cleaners after which the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth. Only use clean, hot water to produce steam and avoid pouring water onto the stove during a steam session.
What kind of stove can be finished with natural stone?
Any kind of stove. The cost would probably be higher because the stone can't be mounted to the stove directly. A supporting structure would have to be fixed to the stove with several fairly complex node points attached. This type of finish would naturally be less durable than a tile lining. We recommend using tiles for a sauna stove lining. Contact our Stove Bureau to learn more about our tile lining visualization and digital project services.
Do you do a lining for a 'black-style' sauna stove?
Yes, a tile lining with a natural stone texture looks great in a 'black-style' sauna. For examples of this type of lining, see our Lining and Interior Finish page
What is the best type of lining for a commercial sauna stove?
For top end steam rooms (Premium) a tile lining is undoubtedly the best choice. In the normal range category (Standard) for a more viable option one can go for a plaster finish with elements of ceramic decor (Standard option) or simply stick to a plaster finish (Economy option). Call us to request a quote for your stove lining.
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