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Is it always possible to repair a stove?
Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to repair a stove. If the construction of the stove itself or the materials are beyond repair, we will offer to remake the stove completely guaranteeing safety and durability.
How long does it take to repair a stove?
That depends on the scale of work involved. Cosmetic repairs take about 1-2 days, but complete refurbishment can take up to 2 months. Call us or write to us for a repairs estimate.
Do you offer on-site inspections?
Of course. It is difficult to give a professional opinion on a stove's condition without actually seeing it. Call us. We'd be happy to help.
Do you carry out repairs on stoves created by other manufacturers?
Yes, we do. In fact, the majority of the repair work we undertake is carried out on stoves that aren't our original product. Repairs aren't always enough. We can examine your stove and give you a professional opinion. For more details, see our Stove Repairs page.
I don't feel great when I sit near the stove. What does that mean?
If it's a metal stove then that's quite normal. If it's a masonry stove, there might be a problem with carbon monoxide. Over time, the metal stove constructions wear out and then cracks appear in the brickwork and carbon monoxide leaks into the room. You should stop using the stove right away. Don't hesitate to contact us for a diagnosis report and necessary repair work.
I have noticed cracks appearing in the stove brickwork. Is that dangerous?
It is the carbon monoxide that is dangerous. Stop using the stove. It obviously needs repairing and for that you should have a fault diagnosis carried out. We'll keep an eye out for your call.
Smoke is escaping into the house when I heat up the stove. What should I do?
This phenomenon is referred to as 'backdraft'. The most common cause of backdraft is a cold chimney and lower air pressure inside the room than outside. You should inspect the chimney and possibly have it insulated. Call us to find out more about our 'Diagnosis' service
My stove has started burning much more wood. What might be causing that?
You might simply need to clean the flue, or it might just be a problem with a particular batch of firewood. The fire box might also be in need of repair. We recommend you invite an engineer to come and carry out a technical fault diagnosis. Call us for more information on how to proceed.
Why does my stove take far too long to heat up?
The reason might be that the wood is not dry enough or that the draw in the flue is weak. In any case, you should have your stove inspected professionally. Call us.
My brick sauna stove heats up very slowly. How can I solve the problem?
There may be several reasons for this. We recommend that you order a technical fault diagnosis for your stove. We will identify all the reasons for the problem and suggest procedures for further action.
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