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Have you had many complaints about quality?
Six percent of our stoves undergo some repair work under warranty during the first 2 years of their life. Typically, these are cosmetic repairs or fine tuning of the stove equipment. The failure of a key stove element is extremely rare.
Do you work with contracts?
All the work we undertake is detailed in a full-fledged contract which we observe meticulously.
How long does the warranty last?
The warranty extends throughout the stove's full life-cycle which lasts for at least 20 years. For more details see the Warranty page.
How disciplined is your team? Do you meet deadlines?
When it comes to fulfilling our obligations we are extremely conscientious. The company employs established production planning and control systems. We respond immediately to any deviation from the work plan and compensate for any delays.
Can I expect unforeseen price increases over the course of the project?
The only reason a customer would incur additional costs is if the they choose to make alterations to the original design. There are no other circumstances under which the cost of the project will work out more than the quoted price.
Do your craftsmen work tidily and conscientiously?
The quality of our stove assembly process is at the highest possible level and all our craftsmen work according to corporate quality standards. This applies not only to the process of assembling the stove but also to the lining, steam room finish and on site project management.
Can you make a stove in England?
Of course and not only in England. Furnace Art Engineering works throughout Europe.
How long does it take to install a sauna stove?
It depends on the scale of the stove. We can create a sauna stove for the home within a month, whereas the installation of a large commercial stove can take up to three months. At the same time, some materials and components are made to order and so have to be prepared in advance. For more details see our Materials page.
Do you commission professional drawings?
The engineers at our Stove Design Bureau create digital prototypes of all our stoves within the professional Autodesk software environment and the drawings produced in dwg format are easily converted into BIM models.
Why start each project from scratch? Don't you have ready-made solutions?
Each stove, its lining and steam room finish is designed individually in every case. This is the only way to guarantee that the stove will work at top level in the unique conditions of the customer's premises. Discover the features of digital modelling on our Materials page, which also gives details of the technologies we use in stove production.
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